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The backbone products in our company are: 1-500kV XLPE cable, plastic cable, computer cable, low voltage cable, 1-35kV aerial cable, bare wire, wire &cable for electrical equipment, waterproof cable, cable for underground (light rail), prefabricated branched power cable, aerial Insulation cable, copper &aluminum rod, aluminum stranded wire, steel-cored aluminum stranded wire(rare earth, antisepsis), and set cables for special conditions with the characteristics of antiflaming, refractory, low smoke & chimney, low smog &halogen free antiflaming, termite proof and gopher proof armoring. we also have exploited out 6 series including over 400 types and over 20,000 specifications special cable, mine cable and coaxial cable, silicon rubber cable and fluorin plastic cable. The technology of high voltage and super high voltage XLPE cable with 110-500kV comes to the advanced level in domestic. We can supply whole set of cable accessories such as cable terminals and middle connectors at the same time and afford the whole set design and construction for the cable &wire project.